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        President's Speech

        6 years of trials and hardships, like a song.

        During the rapid development, Greenleaf congregated the passion of people, the sweat of cultivation and the wisdom of innovation. Under the leadership of Chairman Xu Jiancheng, the care from all sectors of the community and the joint efforts of all the Greenleaf family, Greenleaf Sci&Tech Group uses new consumption  4.0 mode, always adhere to high quality and reasonable price of business philosophy, has brought inspiration and thinking to Chinese and even the whole world business. Greenleaf will bring health to all mankind, wealth to distributors and create a large number of employment opportunities for the society. Greenleaf provides the best sales channel for the artisan-spirit manufacturers around the world. We contribute to revitalize national industry, carry forward national brands, promote the harmonious development of commercial,society and charity!

        We are persistent and we are pursuers. Greenleaf will open up a new journey with the spirit of indefatigable innovation. Facing the sunlight, we adhere to the core values of "Combine differents to achive harmony, altruism to achive self-seccess" on the way forward and persist in the spirit of dedication.

        We have always been grateful. It is because of the support and care of friends from all walks of life that we have today's great achievements and confidence. Here we express our sincere thanks to the friends who give Greenleaf support and friendly cooperation.

        We desire cooperation and win-win, create the world's most competitive national brands. Together with you we break through storm and stress, seeking common development.

        Greenleaf will always remember the original aspiration ,forge ahead, and will always on the road.