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        Greenleaf Launched New Products and Held Top Distributor Summit

        Author:陈强华 Date:2018-08-20 14:58:31


            From 22 to 23, July 2018, Suzhou Greenleaf Scientific & Technology Group launched more the 1200 kinds of products in the Suzhou International Exhibition Center. Over 16,000 top distributors witnessed the glorious opening ceremony and attended recognition ceremony for the outstanding distributors of the past half year.

        A lot of products

          Large-scale exhibition, magnificent, the trend of the age




         The stage is big

        Giant stage, super wide screen, bright lights shocking people




        The venue is filled with crowd.

         The audience light up by popular stars, the enthusiasm is high, the atmosphere is hot.


        The Chairman is gorgeous

        Exciting words, multiple plans, encouraging the market


        High-tech, green leaf quality, value-added service, sharing and win-win

        President Li Xianlin unveil the market new policy



        The guests are powerful

        Authoritative organization, praise the green leaf, movie star, singer, authoritative news organization awards green leaf quality and green leaf pattern.Wang Liming, deputy director of China Quality Miles Magazine, congratulates Greenleaf.



        Research is very strong!

        European Joint R&D Center Postdoctoral Workstation,Latest Stem Cell Actives + Latest Skin Care Black Technology, Italian INTERCOS chief scientist Gabriela releases new technology



        Microbial technology solves four major problems in life care

        Jiang Chunpeng, chief scientist of Greenleaf Shanghai Postdoctoral Workstation, released the research direction