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        Notice:Zhang Jingchu represents the SEALUXE Skin Care Series

        Author:严雪 Date:2018-02-01 16:50:45

        She became famous because of  the "Peacock"

        She was selected as "the Asian hero" by the Times

        She,as the BBC program describe

        "One of the most popular movie stars in China"

        Her name is Zhang Jingchu

        The Global ambassador of SEALUXE

        Chinese popular film and television star

        Zhang Jingchu, an great actress with excellent performance, and a high quality idol actively transmitted the positive energy. She is the young goddess forever.

        Each role of Zhang Jingchu has a out of the ordinary personality, like the crazy sister in "Peacock", the vixenish Feng Mei in "Huayao Bride In Shangrila", the effeminate Yu Fang in " Chat gim", the degenerate A Fen in "Protege", and the indifferent Wangdeng in " Aftershock". In the latest movie "My Running Shadow " Zhang Jingchu excellently performed a special single mother, deeply touched the hearts of the audiences. With each vivid character, Zhang Jingchu depicts different colors for her performing path.


        The Global ambassador of SEALUXE

        Zhang Jingchu

        SEALUXE is very critical to the selection of active substances and the scientific and technological formula, which is very well suited to Zhang Jingchu shaping her roles. Both oriental elegance and international female style, Zhang Jingchu is adored by her fans and the fashion business, perfectly match with the brand image of SEALUXE.

        Zhang Jingchu,  came here in the first snow.

        On January 24, 2018, the riotous snow fell in the south of the Yangtze River, and Zhang Jingchu came to the Greenleaf Sci&Tech Group as well.

        The cold weather can not stop the big star from getting closer to Greenleaf. She was dressed in a black coat and wearing a green wool hat. Just like the girl next door,she was smiling with affinity.

        As an old friend of the Chairman Xu Jiancheng for 20 years, Zhang Jingchu confessed that the rapid development of Greenleaf in recent years made her amazed.

        The stunning desinged products and the Boutiques of Greenleaf in the products exhibition hall made Zhang Jingchu very proud. When talking about SEALUXE mask, she said that she loves the moist feeling and compact applicator of the mask. She can not leave without it in the dry weather of Beijing. The Greenleaf sicentific products covering all aspects of life are very porpular among customers and are the pride of Chinese national enterprises .