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        The formal signing of the Greenleaf European R&D Center strategic cooperation

        Author:严雪 Date:2018-02-01 16:36:58

        On January 23, 2018, Mr. Alessandro, the president of Swiss CRB which subordinates to the Italian INTERCOS group, the world famous cosmetics giant, visited Greenleaf Sci&Tech Group to discuss cooperation. Chairman Xu Jiancheng attended the forum with the executive team. The two sides had thoroughly communication and exchange in research upgrading, jointing research of new products and the status and future development of the international skin care market. The two sides formally signed the strategic cooperation project between Greenleaf and INTERCOS group CRB Swiss R & D Center.


        In the conference room, the president Alessandro was given a detailed information of SEALUXE's huge market advantage regarding to its active ingredients of the Youth Genesis Intensive Booster, scientific research formula and product efficiency.The two sides talked about the cutting-edge technology is an important reason for the advanced SEALUXE Booster widely favored by consumers. With the increasing demand for skin care, products need to constantly upgraded iteration in order to lead the market.Take the international skin care product development characteristics in 2017 as the breakthrough point, Greenleaf and CRB will continue to work closely to produce more high quality, greater performance and cost-effective products specially for Asian.


        Chairman Xu Jiancheng and President Alessandro cosigned the agreement therefor the strategic cooperation project of Greenleaf Sci&Tech Group and INTERCOS Group CRB European R & D Center was formally established.


        Accompanied by Chairman Xu Jiancheng, President Li Xianlin and other executives, President Alessandro and marketing director of Intercos technology Ms. Zhang Jiayin visited the Center store of Greenleaf, corporate culture hall, product exhibition hall and staff office etc..


        Since 2012, Italian INTERCOS Group and its subordinate high-end skin care products R & D institutions -- CRB Swiss national biological skin care research center have always maintained close cooperation with Greenleaf Sci&Tech Group. Through joint research, scientific formula activity development and production update, the two sides jointly launched the national high-end brand SEALUXE series. This visit of president Alessandro established a further long-term strategic cooperation with Greenleaf. Through the establishment of the European cosmetics joint R & D center, Greenleaf will continue to enhance the mutual research strengths, inject new vitality into Chinese national brand SEALUXE and create more powerful market advantage.