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        Greenleaf Fund

        Greenleaf Fund is a public welfare fund set up by Suzhou Greenleaf Daily Commodity Co., Ltd. with 294,117 dollars, which full name is  "Greenleaf Sci&Tech. Group Benevolent Care Fund". On July 8, 2014, the foundation was formally submitted to the Suzhou Civil Affairs Bureau and was formally approved on August 27, 2014.

        Greenleaf fund use "enthusiastic charity, positive social responsibility" as our purpose, committed to the dissemination spirit: breed beauty, willing to dedication. The business scope of public welfare activities:

        1. Poverty Alleviation to students

        2. Relief poverty and victim

        3. Relief disaster

        4. Help the elderly and the young children

        Greenleaf fund is a non-public collection fund, all the funds come from corporate capital injection, and donations from employees and distributors.

        Backed up with the good corporate management of Greenleaf Sci&Tech Group, the Greenleaf fund will become a legal public welfare found beneficial to the country and its people.

        Record of Greenleaf Fund donation

        On November 19, 2013, Greenleaf fund donated 45000 dollars to set up the "Greenleaf Police care fund" in Suzhou.

        On March 19, 2014, Chairman Xu Jiancheng unanimously elected to be the Suzhou City Samaritan foundation director.

        On July 18, 2014,Greenleaf fund donated 441,176 dollars to set up the "Greenleaf Brave Deeds Fund" in Jiangsu province.

        On August 27, 2014, Greenleaf fund was formally established in Suzhou by the Civil Affairs Bureau.

        During 2011-2014, Greenleaf fund has donated the heroic foundation of the counties and cities of Jiangsu province for many times. Over 100 poor college students in Northwest Gansu and Binhai County of Jiangsu province have been donated.