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        Greenleaf pattern

        The four great new inventions of China: high speed railway, online shopping, Alipay, and bike-sharing. But in the view of Greenleaf, China has five great new inventions:high speed railway, online shopping, Alipay, bike-sharing and Greenleaf pattern.

        Greenleaf created a new integrated marketing mode of consumption 4.0, which combines "new retail sales, new online business, new direct sales, new wechat business, and new logistics" five factors into one self-produced, free brand platform.

        Compared with traditional retail, Greenleaf has realized the combination of online shopping and offline experience. Users can choose their nearest retail store to experience and pick up goods, and also they can ask the store to deliver directly.

        Compared with traditional online business, Greenleaf completely solved the problem of counterfeits. Greenleaf adopts the F2C2C mode. All products are directly from factories to consumers. Removing multi storey dealers, Greenleaf makes sure that every product is of good quality but inexpensive and genuine.

        Compared with the traditional direct sales, Greenleaf broke the three principles of high threshold, high price, and high standard. Our high quality products with reasonable price, let people willing to share the environmental protective products to others while useing them. Make the say of "self-use to save money and share to make money" come ture.

        Compared with traditional WeChat business, Greenleaf subvert the high price and management chaos phenomenon, and create a batch of excellent teams that are in line with the development of the company with the management of modern enterprises.

        Compared with traditional logistics, Greenleaf self built a logistics system. In the future, we will establish a logistics system in evey place of China, and treat every user with the fastest speed and the best service.