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        OEM Service Introduciton and Process

        OEM Business Introduciton

        The OEM service of Greenleaf Sci&Tech Group is favored by the industry because of its "independent, flexible and fast" characteristics. Greenleaf's professional and worry less service showen in the high quality cosmetics of international standards, reasonable prices, rapid response and convenient communication. Greenleaf Sci&Tech Group will always take customer satisfaction as our primary purpose, take "cutting-edge technology, reasonable cost, fast service and direct communication" as our service principle, and constantly explore new OEM service mode.

        Suitable Objects of OEM Service

        1. Companies with brands

        2. Investors who just register brands

        Content of OEM Service

        1. In accordance with the customer brand product positioning and requirements make the template, determine the product formula.

        2. Provide the basic three certificates

        3. Assist customers with the products inspection