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        Chairman's Speech

        Chairman Xu's Speech

        Looking back on the past, scene after scene of past events appeared in my mind.Each time, I would feel the blood in my vains.

        In the past 15 years, Greenleaf's people with the self-improvement and forge ahead enterprising sprit along with the sincere cooperation and sharing weal and woe team sprit achieved a breakthrough in the fierce market competition, and created a miracle.

        Enjoy the present, all the Greenleaf people hand in hand, ready to take off.

        The brand new business building plan, modern office building, international standard production base, accurate brand positioning and abundant product services and global cooperation have been presented.

        Looking forward to the future, from the beginning of sowing the seed of a dream to the bright blooms, Greenleaf people with concerted efforts all the way together in the name of beauty. In the near future, Greenleaf people will create an immortal legend of the cause of beauty.